Camunda Interview Question


Useful Camunda BPMN Interview Question

 This section will help you to get frequently asked Camunda interview questions. 

1. What is BPMN?

2. Why we use BPMN?

3. What is the latest version of BPMN?

4. Can you tell me name of some notations of Camunda?

5. What is camunda Modeler?

6. What is Camunda Cockpit?

7. Why we use Camunda tasklist?

8. When we use Gateway  in Camunda?

9. How many type of gateways you have used in your project?

10. When we use parallel gateway?

11.  Why we use inclusive gateway?

12. What is the benefits of exclusive gateway?

13. What is event in camunda?

14. What do you mean by start event?

15. Can we have a listener with end event?

16. What is intermediate event?

17. What is a boundery event?

18. What is the use of pool and lane?

19. Can you tell me the type of task?

20. How we write a service task?

21. What is execution scope?

22. How many ways you know to start a process?

23. How a frotend starts a process?

24. Can we run different version of BPMN at the same time?

24. Can we migrate running BPMN version?

25. What is versioning in Camunda?

26. When to use User Task?

27. How to add custom  form with User Task?

28. What is external task form?

29. When we use a connector?

30. What is the use of CallActivity? 

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