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Why Java and Camunda?

Camunda is build on top of Java. We use Java for the development of our project. Camunda also supports another programming languages.

Course Overview

  In our all training, we mainly focus on teaching  you for practical implementation of using the open source Camunda BPM platform. This training will help you to implement Camunda in  your projects. Camunda BPM is a very lightweight workflow engine, you can use it as a  BPM Platform.  


  The goal of this training is to provide you end to end process automation with the help of  Camunda BPM and Java. What you will learn:

  • Understanding of basic BPMN
  • Core concept of  Camunda BPM engine and API
  • You will learn to implement business  process applications by yourself
  • The concept of  how to test them

Who can learn Camunda?BA, Developer 

Glimpse of the training


Training Name: Camunda  BPM Training and Java

Duration of Course: 56 Hours (Considering 10 student in a batch) 

Mode of training: Online, Classroom, Company Location

Timings: As per your convenient or follow the schedule

Type: Weekdays, Weekends, On Demand  

Materials: We will provide practice guide

Online mode: Zoom, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting

Requirements: Good Internet Connection, Headset

Day wise contents

 Duration: 56 hrs 

 Course Content:

 Core Java  16 hrs    

              · Java Basics

              · OOPS Implementation in Java

              · Exception Handling

              · Collection

              · Generics

              JSON Parsing 


Web Service 

            · Web Service Introduction

            · REST Webservice Implementation

            · Postman – Rest Client


 REST  Spring Introduction

           · Spring Introduction

           · Spring Core Components

           · Spring Application

           · Spring REST Implementation

           · Spring Boot Introduction



  • BPMN 2.0 Introduction
  • Camunda BPMN tool Overview
  • Installation and Configuration
  • HelloWolrd Application Development 
  • Application  Deployment
  • Camunda Cocktail Walk Throw 
  • Camunda Modeler Details
  • Camunda Architecture 
  • Basic BPM Notations
  • Service task and User Task in Details
  • Script Task
  • Data Variables, XML, JSON 
  • Call Activiti
  • Embedded and Event based Sub process
  • Business Rule Task
  • Process Version
  • Database Structure and Muliitenancy
  • DMN & CMNN Introduction
  • Learn API (Java, REST)
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Java API & Rest API
  • Process Engine Configuration
  • Unit Testing with Junit
  • User Task and Form 
  • SPRING MVC application with Camunda
  • Best Practice

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