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Why Linux

This course is mainly to learn Linux fundamentals. You need to know Linux if you want to work efficiently in software development world. 

Who can learn Linux?

Any one who has basic knowledge of computer

Glimpse of Training

Training Name: Linux Training 

Duration of Course: 12 Hours (Customizable)

Mode of training: Online, Classroom, Company Location

Timings: As per your convenience  or follow the schedule

Type: Weekdays, Weekends, On Demand  

Materials: We will provide practice guide

Online mode: Zoom, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting

Requirements: Good Internet Connection, Headset

Glimpse of Price Duration Schedule

Linux Basic -                12 hrs - $399 USD

Linux Intermediate - 18  hrs - $499 USD

Linux Adv-                    32 hrs - $699 USD

Linux Contents


Basic Linux Introduction

Module 1: Introduction

What is Linux?

Linux origin

Linux Kernel

Linux OS development

Module 2: Linux Features

How it is different from other OS

UNIX vs Linux

Linux vs Windows

Booting Sequence of Linux

Module 3: Installation

Getting Linux

Installing Linux

Installing software through packages

Installation through RPM

Module 4: Editing Text

Operational modes of VI

Command mode vs. Insert mode

'Colon', or 'ex' mode

Useful VI commands

Navigation and editing command

Search and substitute

Extended VI commands and vim configuration

Alternative editors

GUI and text choices

Module 5: Using Files and Directories

File system - the user's perspective

Directory structure

FSH standard

File and directory manipulation commands

Copy, move, remove, etc

File system - the system's perspective

I-nodes and file attributes

Hard links and symbolic links

Topic 6: File Permissions/Access

File Access Modes

Directory Access Modes

Changing Permissions

Changing Owners and Groups

Topic 7: Pipes and Filters

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